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Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 08 “The Famous Five and the model boat”

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Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 08 – waterfall campsite at back of Austpollen to Eldhusodden (16th August) by D“The Famous Five and the model boat”

It was a bright, clear and crisp morning as the famous five began to stair in the camp, the sun was hiding behind the jagged mountain ridge which had itself been hidden in the low mist when they arrived the previous day. Now, however, it could be seen in its magnificent glory with cascading waterfalls and ancient tree cover on its lower slopes.

Not in any particular hurry, the gang had breakfast and packed away tents in the chill air, just then a shaft of sunlight streamed down from behind the ridge as the sun rose higher quickly warming up the gang. “Crickey!” exclaimed Dick, “Who’s put the heating on?”, “I came to Lofoten expecting Ice Bergs, not expecting to need Ice cream!” he said as began to boil in his dry suit. “Do you ever stop thinking of food?” asked George.

It seemed a shame to disturb the stillness of the water in the fjord as the gang pressed on with their adventure, the image of the mountains and reflections on the water would not have been be out of place on a chocolate box or postcard! They hadn’t gone far however before Anne and Dick, who are both showing signs of their age, needed an urgent comfort break!

At the head of Laupstadosen fjord the gang came across a tiny model of a Norwegian fishing trawler which was moored in the bay, with its yellow and white detailing Anne was quite taken with it and wanted to take it home with him. But the others explained that it probably belonged to another little boy or girl who would be very cross if he had and may result in a hoard of angry Vikings invading England to give him a “damn good telling off!”. “Maybe that’s what happened in the 9th century?” pondered Timmy who has a keen interest in history.

Once again, the breath-taking scenery left the gang silent as they paddled south along the western shoreline. It was here that Julian spotted a rather large raptor perched on a rock, “Woof” said Timmy, “A golden eagle is it Timmy?” Anne interpreted. The magnificent bird was not at all bothered by the 4 kayaks, and 1 bathtub that Dick was paddling and posed for many photographs before spreading its huge wings and gracefully flying off into the distance.

They landed again and settled for a quick spot of lunch comprising of jam sandwiches for Julian, sardines for Anne, dried dog biscuits for Timmy and Spiced beetroot, feta tarts with tahini-dressed leaves on four-day sourdough flatbread for George. Dick sighed as he folded his corn bread and cheese slice. Once re-energized “the five” again took to the water in search of the ever elusive 5-star campsite.

Sometime later they came across a white sandy beach, Timmy wagged his tail excitedly which was interpreted to mean he rated the site at least 4 and half stars. He did not want to leave, but the rest of the gang wanted to see if there was a 5-star beach just around the next headland since this was to be their last night. Alas their search was in vane and they returned shortly after, Timmy’s tail wagged again which this time meant “Told you so!”.

At the top of the sandy beach there was little room for tents however upon exploring the adjacent woodland the gang came upon a clearing alongside an old-world war 2 bunker. “This is perfect.” remarked Julian and they made camp there immediately. Dinner was served back on the beach in the sunshine, it was almost like being in the Caribbean what with the white sand and drying islands. After dinner Anne recounted some Norwegian folklore to the rest of the gang, enthralling them a with tales of trolls, portages and missing suitcases. Anne had been secretly sipping the ginger beer again!

Dick, despite Anne’s tales plucked up the courage to go and explore the drying island, having taken some more pictures for his scrap book he came across some mysterious footprints in the sand. “Much bigger than a human.” he mused, “Trolls!” he exclaimed as he ran back to tell the others, but on the way, he stumbled upon Timmy, who had somehow got stuck up his knees in the soft sand! After rescuing Timmy, they made it back to the others who were all looking a trifle mischievous. They burst out in fits of laughter after they revealed that it was, they who had made the mysterious footprints, incidentally after drinking the last of the ginger beer!

Sadly, the fair weather began to break. Keen eyed Dick spotted the rain in the distance and was the first in his tent! He heard the first of the raindrops hit his fly sheet closely followed by the patter of hasty footstep as the rest of the gang ran for cover. Sat in his tent he coveted a last cup of hot chocolate that he was to have while out in the wild before snuggling down in his sleeping bag for the last time. Then, apart from the sound of raindrops on canvas and howling wind for the rest of the night, silence fell eventually fell upon the camp.

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