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May bank holiday @ Pembroke 2017 by Jenny Brown

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After a sudden 3pm change of venue from Whitesands Bay to Newgale on Friday afternoon we arrived to enjoy the evening sun.

Saturday morning the sea kayakers launched from the campsite over the gravel barrier and paddled off to Porth Clais, stopping for lunch in Solva. The little boats also popped over the barrier to spend a few hours in the surf. Sarah didn’t quite catch a tube, but she pulled off a very cool pirouette, while Brian was ripping it up out back. As the tide fell the waves turned to a windy mess, so it was back to camp for lunch.

A few hours later half the sea kayakers appeared by car – a strong headwind on the return journey had made for some challenging paddling. The others appeared soon after landing a little further down the beach than camp.

Newgale Beach

With everyone back and the sun coming out the decision was made to have a BBQ that night. Sunday morning the sea kayakers set off to do a trip through Ramsey Sound, playing on the Bitches and seal spotting as they went.

The little boats spent the morning in the


glassy surf and sun; kicking off the session by seal launching over the gravel barrier as the waves began to build and the tide started to drop back from the barrier. As the waves dropped at mid tide it was time for an ice cream in St David’s, where the sea kayakers were spotted driving through heading for camp.

Monday morning people drifted off home at their own pace. Some stayed to see if there would be a little wave at noon, while others slowly went north stopping at places to walk or in the little villages to sample ice cream on

the way home. This year we definitely had sun, sea, surf and seals!

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