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Mind your head! An almost LCC trip to the Skerries

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Firstly, an apology to anyone who would have liked to come on this trip but didn’t see the advertising email. It’s still in my drafts, which might explain why I got no responses.

Anyway, with a great forecast for the weekend, a trip to the Skerries was planned and agreed.

So on a glorious morning we set out from Cemlyn. At the first way point we turned our attention to the second way mark and distant Skerries, only to see them disappearing in a fog/haze bank. Oh well, good job we had the compass.

Crossing some confused water tidal flow we arrived at our second way point (Victoria bank cardinal mark). Some quick photos in the eddy being formed behind the buoy and it was off to way point three (Coal rock south cardinal mark). NB, its amazing how far you drift when you stop to take a photo.

The Skerries were still hazy

But as we neared they became more visible.

After a pleasant paddle, with quite a bit of tidal assistance, we arrived at the Skerries, where we were met by quite a few seals, puffins and a vast number of terns.

Breaking for lunch we headed to the lighthouse.

When I say we, I mean Ruth and Ian. They were ahead of me, and the shouts of “Ow!” that followed the mob attack by the diver bombing terns led me to decide that discretion was the better part of valour.

In the spirit of true comradeship with my fellow paddlers, rather than offer assistance, I reached for the camera and waited for them to make the return dash! Top tip, at this time of year, bring helmets for the walk to the lighthouse!!!


Following a lazy lunch, it was back into the tide race and back to our start point via West Mouse. Where we saw some White Ladies and a couple of Purpoise.

A brilliant day, the only way it would have been better is if we had seen the Orcas that were spotted at South Stack.

Mike Alter, Ruth Edwards & Ian Bell