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Nepal Sun Koshi Expedition 2018 “Nemeste”

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The Full Write-up is now published here…..

Nepal Sun Koshi Expedition – Day 8 (8th April) by Steve Rose

This was our last day on the river and we all packed up quickly and left our beach camp before 8:30am. After a few hundred metres we came across a bamboo raft being drifted downstream by a couple of locals.

Before long we arrived at Baraha Chhetra Temple and we had to get out to look around. There were several stalls selling water and religious items to the many worshipers who descended on the Temple. One of the local traditions was to lift the large stone as this would bring the person luck.

Just around the corner were some large bouncy rapids, with some smooth faced waves. It was not long before we arrived at the suspension bridge and get out. We saw a gecko skating on the water at the get-out. We were keen to get our skates on and packed up the rafts and kayaks and changed into some fresh shorts for the journey home. After 20 minutes or so we arrived at Chatra Village, parked up and went to a local restaurant for a meal of Dal Bhat and beer.

After a quick look around Chatra we climbed back onto the bus and started our long journey back to Kathmandu. We left the paddy fields of Indian plain and treaded our way back to civilisation. We stopped for tea and coffee at the Hôtel United and later at a smart (for Nepal) restaurant with a choice of menu (Dal Bhat/ Momo`s / chow main).

After more hours on the road we eventually stopped over night at the “Mugling Guest house”. Darren missed the opportunity to bag a “good bed” as he was busy texting / Facebooking / Tweeting or all three! This did enable him to share his photos of a Gecko / fleas on his bed!

Bamboo rafts float down the river

Steve tries to lift the lucky stone

The team at the get out

More Photos….