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No Fear for the Weir by Steve Stanford

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Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. Even though my nerves and anxiety got the best of me, I enjoyed the day.  Hopefully we can make this a regular occurrence.  Quick question though, how can you check the water levels for the weir?

The weir is tidal, so it comes and goes with the tide.  High tide at Chester,  when there is no weir, is approximately 1hr 5 min after high tide in Liverpool.  So if you get there at high tide there is little or nothing to play on.   Additionally, we are requested not to go there a few hours either side of high tide due to migrating fish. That’s fair enough.   As the tide falls then the steps and weir main face become more and more visible. The more it falls the more steps to play on.  Similarly as the tide begins to rise the weir and steps disappear.

Obviously the flow coming down the river will have an affect as well, but the info above is best to work out if there is going to be anything to play on.

Here are 28 days tide tables. Updated daily. Change the last word in the link to get different tide tables.