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Orlando isn’t just Disney by Dominic Fahey

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Following the satnav past Blue Sping state park we arrived at a strip of beach in the middle of nowhere. This is where we met Geoff a marine biologist sea kayaker from Maine and Greg the owner of Adventures in Florida with a load of kayaks. Ciaran smiled while the rest of the clan were ready to drown me. Once everyone got over the shock and received a brief from Goeff the boats were sorted into a mixture of sized Prijon and Perceptions.

Goeff managed to calm us all down and convince my family that I was not going to drown them all, as we were going to paddle the St Johns river the Slowest moving river in the US.

We all Set off up stream in search of Manatees, even Paula and Rebecca were paddling a sit on top Due Peception.

As we passed the Blue Spring, the water was 21 degrees and rising up all year round (a bit warmer than the dock). The Manatees had overwintered before spreading through the 800miles of streams and rivers before heading out to sea in the summer.

Despite not finding any Manatees we spotted so much wildlife, numerous fish including a Mullet that jumped over the front of my boat and birds including Vulchers, Herons and a Bald Eagle swooping down catching a fish just in front of us carrying it away in its tallons. A Yellow Chested Turtle and yellow tree snake passed, as Ciaran and myself lagged at the back near the bank he screamed “something is under my boat” as he paddled back he faced off an 8ft Alligator.

After it all we returned to the beech having not been eaten with no swims

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