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Ponsonby Arms to Ty Mawr Country Park by John Fay

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Ponsonby Arms to Ty Mawr Country Park by John Fay

A big thanks to John Cooke for organising this coached whitewater trip.

Martha Kelly, Mike Bailey, Pippa Leddra, Shane Jones and myself arrived at the Ponsonby Arms at 9.30am and after coffee the proceedings started.

It was a great day with loads of time to practice breaking in and out and ferry gliding etc with some T-rescues practice and a few rolls at the end.

If you get the chance I would highly recommend booking onto one of these sessions. They will certainly boost your confidence on the water whatever discipline you’re into.

Shane Jones,

Jamie was really good and got me using my edges a lot more and was happy to answer any questions we were asking him and let us practice our T rescues and rolling at the end.

Mike Bailey,

It was a proper introduction and exposed me to enough of the risks and thrills of this type of kayaking. There was enough about techniques like eddying and ferrying to give me an idea without overwhelming me with information.

I felt really comfortable with Jamie. He is obviously very experienced and his coaching technique worked well for me.