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Return to paddling

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It will be great to get back paddling after such a long break. Just a couple of pointers below to help things run smoothly.

  • All paddling places MUST be pre-booked with coordinator, once on site you need to wear a mask (from “car to afloat”).
  • When planning trips, please ensure they are well within your capability – we are all a little rusty with skills and fitness after such a long break.
  • Group leaders MUST supervise their paddlers both in selection and especially putting equipment away. Please store boats on their side on the racks according to length (longest on the left – shortest on the right). Buoyancy aid zips must be done up and spray decks hung up by the release pull. Can we all remind ourselves of where boats go after a session – see the images in the compound and in this email.
  • Absolutely no seal launching from the beach at the compound, make sure the boat is just afloat and parallel with the shore and be prepared to step into the water. See getting afloat video 1 and Video 2
  • All paddling is in small, distinct groups of 6. Canoe polo is a team sport and current guidelines allow groups of 6 to play and train together (eg two teams of 6), provided they follow all canoe polo COVID 19 guidelines.
  • COVID 19 is a respiratory virus and you are at most risk when face to face so please try to leave the compound and site as quickly as possible after paddling and avoid post paddle social chatting.

LCC COVID 19 guidance….

See you on the water