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River Alt from Hightown

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River Alt from Hightown

Neap tides and calm weather gave the opportunity to paddle from Hightown down the river Alt and along the Hightown Dune system. We are still restricted to daily exercise with one other person, so Graham and I decided to take opens and enjoy the evening sunset.

We accessed the river down the concrete slipway by the boatyard from Lower Alt Road (near the nature conservancy building). We paddled along the course of the river past the moorings and on to the Hightown Sailing club. We chatted to a couple of fishing folk and then paddle out of the creek to open sea. Conditions were flat and we had a cup of coffee on the sand bank near the River Alt outer marker and watch the ferries and tankers come up the main channel and into the Liverpool Docks.

We paddled back up the Alt to the pumping station at the Rifle Range and MOD property before getting off the water at the boat yard.

A great evening paddle but parking is limited to a few cars. You also only have an hour either side of high water or risk the muddy banks. The club usually paddles in the opposite direction from Crosby coast guard station. It is best to allow an hour or so either side of high water.

Looking forward to the return of club paddling after the 28th March (or when restrictions allow)