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River Weaver Weaver – Leigh Arms to Hunts Cross lock. By John Fay

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River Weaver Weaver – Leigh Arms to Hunts Cross lock. By John Fay

Phil Edwards and myself met at the Leigh Arms pub to paddle the main stretch of the Weaver heading towards Northwich. It was a mile to the first lock where we knew we had to portage. Actually, the canoe get out spot was quite a walk from the lock so we climbed out at the high docks wall. Good practice.

We carried our kayaks past the lock to the canoe get in point which had obviously, due to it being so overgrown, not been used in a while. After fighting through the reeds to launch we continued on our journey.

Eventually we arrived at the impressive Anderton Boat lift where people lined the edge of the river taking photos and waiting for their trip on the pleasure cruiser which was just returning.

After it’s new set of passengers boarded the boat was off with us following it up the Weaver.

After a few hours we travelled through Northwich and arrived at the Hunts Cross Lock. This was our destination and point for lunch.

The lock is well tended to with mown grass and painted steps. A lovely spot for relaxing. Phil and I were joined by a red-haired chap carrying a bright red flower pot he has found during his walk. He chatted with us and shared our Cherry Bakewell cakes which he had spotted in Phil’s bag.

After a nice break we headed back to the Leigh Arms where we enjoyed a nice cold drink. Unfortunately, this time we were too late for chips.

Paddle faster next time Phil!!

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John Fay

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