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Scotland Bank holiday Easter Club Trip Day 3 Falls of Lora by Sarah Gille

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Scotland Bank holiday Easter Club Trip Day 3 Falls of Lora by Sarah Gille

It was Easter Sunday and the hostel woke to decision making and weather watching.

River boaters split into 2 groups today. One of which set off to paddle the Spean gorge led by Ian bell. (In his river boat – not his sea kayak (lol)) while our group set off to have a bash at Falls of Lora.

His is a kind of tide race passing under a bridge which forms large play waves.

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When we arrived, it was clear that it would be an epic day as all the names and faces of the playboating world started to arrive. Don’t ask me who- but one had long curly hair, there was expensive carbon playboats and a Pyranha van. As we waited for the waves to build, we saw 3 seals playing just upstream. Is it up steam because it’s the sea?

Roy and David could not contain their excitement so hopped on early to get familiar with the water and show the professionals how it’s done. Next with Craig on bank watch myself, rich, Liz and Aleksander made the seal launch into the sea. Does this count as sea kayaking, I wondered? I was defiantly cracking it.

We all bounced down the massive waves safely and for me with absolutely no skill or grace and regrouped in the eddy under the bridge partition and watched the pros at work surfing the first wave. They even cued in a neat and orderly line.

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As the featured developed people started to climb out around the bridge partition and get in again as more waves formed slightly up stream/sea??

One of them looked amazing – apparently called the eternity wave.

The waves where far too big and scary for me to try and surf but running the feature like a river was fun and my first experience of big water. After a few runs and learning from rich how to manoeuvre through whirlpool infested water Aleksander and I took bank watch and Craig slid in for a run. He made it with skill through the first 3 huge waves but came a cropper on the huge eddy line. It took some guts to even try to roll in the confused and boily water. With great teamwork we regrouped back at bankside.

Later we left the lads to play and had a short paddle up stream/river in the flat stuff and saw a bird perched on top of a buoy. This was unfortunately not a penguin. (Sad face). After a short stop on an island to watch the multiple paddlers playing on the waves, we made it back to shore and safely home.

A great day was had by all.

Thanx Rich and Roy for the guidance.

Sarah, rich, Liz, Roy, David, Aleksander, and Craig