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Scotland Bankholiday Easter Club Trip by Craig Ford

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After a Friday of scraping boats along the Lochy with a lack of rain, Saturday morning brought the promise of a proper whitewater paddle as the Garry was dam released. 15 paddlers set off early, aided by an impromptu fire alarm wake up call (thanks Neil), for the 90 minute drive to hopefully beat the crowds of other paddling groups. 11 paddlers (Richard, Liz, John, Roy, Kirk, Chris, David, Mark, Sarah, Jenny & Hannah) walked up to get on to the Upper Garry with Roy’s brief of “Ferry glide from here towards that rock, head down river towards the tongue and if you don’t make it …”

One by one the eleven got on and successfully negotiated the first feature, breaking out until the group was ready to reform and run the rest of the Upper. 

A quick brief before each rocky feature saw the group successfully reach the Upper get out where they were joined by Leanne, myself, Neil and Aleksander. Roy’s brief for the start of the Lower Garry was “This is a 3 foot drop but a quick paddle over should see you land flat and you’ll be fine.”

All over the feature and a sense of elation at having landed the three foot drop. Another technical feature and then the river flattened out to give a chance to chat about the Upper and the start of the Lower. Back to a couple more technical drops and an unexpected feature which didn’t have a left hand turn!!

A fantastic and safe paddle, a few successful rolls and great company. Thanks to everyone.