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Sea Trip Sunday (Improvers Sea Kayak Trip) by Emily Stephenson

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Sea Trip Sunday (Improvers Sea Kayak Trip) by Emily Stephenson

Sea kayakers were out in force, with a group of over twenty splitting into three groups, in a long-anticipated Anglesey good weather sea trip.

Group C consisted of the experienced leading the nervous. After too much practice being rescued while in the sea, opposed to time on it, a little confidence building was needed. I crack jokes when I am nervous. I was in good company with Nadezda’s singing and Kayleigh’s nail biting. After a safety briefing and a few more last-minute wisecracks, we were ready to go.

We set off from Bull Bay, Porth Llechog, left around the North coast of Anglesey. We initially familiarised ourselves with the light swell and Westerly wind, practicing manoeuvres. From there we stayed close to the cliff edges, with beautiful views and exotic sea birds, like seagulls. We were not as lucky as the other group to see saw seals and a dolphin but were happy to see diving Cormorants and stunning geology. We set to rock hopping with the swell of the tide, building confidence finding paths through the rocks. We pulled into an eddy with a narrow path, watching group B form a traffic jam. Our group happily piled in, while I supervised from the rear.

Around the next corner was a large cave only accessible by the sea. One of many spectacular views on the trip. We happily bumper carted around the cave before continuing our journey along Trwynbychan.

Lunch was at Porth Wen, commonly known as ‘The Brickworks’. Group B joined us for lunch and Julie set to dishing out sausage rolls, to remind us all it was Sunday after all.

We climbed back into our boats and went around Porth Wen before heading back around the coast in an Easterly direction. We had the swells and the wind coming up behind us. This was followed by familiar whooping, as we hit a boiling eddy line. We revisited the cave as a highlight of an already magnificent coastline, before returning to Bull Bay, both dry and full of accomplishment.

A special thank you to Ian, John and Neil for looking after our group and making us feel so at ease.

Emily (Stephenson)

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