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The fourth rolling session at the Docks by John Fay

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The fourth rolling session at the Docks by John Fay

The fourth rolling session started with a bang. Literally. Marty Sinnott arrived at the docks to find that the main compound barrier had been smashed open and the locking latch broken clean off. Worried that we wouldn’t be able to secure the compound on leaving we informed Keith of the situation and then proceeded to await the arrival of our group.

At 10:30am a large group gathered for a brief introduction followed by an excellent discussion by Roger Colman about the purpose of the roll, the technique and the need to be able to fall back on an efficient rescue if/when the roll fails. The group welcomed comments by the senior club coaches Ian Bell and Dave Reynolds. Richie Burgess shared his observations on the “hand of God” rescue technique used by the coaches to right a paddler when their attempt at a roll failed and then everyone got on the water.

There was almost a coach for each student this week and this resulted in some real progress. As well as members actually rolling paddlers were much more confident resulting in more time being spent under the water. The only downside to this was the number of very dizzy people staggering up the beach to the refreshment team for a warm drink and cake etc.

As the session continued Keith arrived to inspect the broken barrier and after going off to purchase some long bolts a repair was carried out and the compound could once again be secured.

Each session was due to last two hours but each week it had been around four hours later when people finally left. This last session was no exception. So, whilst most of us made the short distances home thoughts went out to the Mum and Dad of Sharon Walters who had been visiting LCC and now had a three and half hour plus train journey home. They were there today to watch Sharon who had now overcome a long fear of water to now becoming totally comfortable on and under the wet stuff.

So well done to everyone who made their own progress, both students and helpers. Thanks also to everyone who kindly contributed goodies and to Chris and Irene who made numerous drinks over the four sessions.

*To follow on from these ROLLING sessions watch out for our planned RESCUE SESSIONS.

Report by John Fay

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