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The Rescues Session at the Docks by John Fay

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The Rescues Session at the Docks by John Fay

Over 30 members attended todays Rescues Session at the docks.

Today’s session was run by Ian Bell who grabbed everyone’s attention with his focused introduction and his on the water rescue demonstrations

With the foundation blocks laid everyone including brand new member Ian and little 9-year-old Lil were rescuing and being rescued.

9-year-old Lil showed that technique was the key as she confidently emptied and assisted John, an adult member, back into his sea kayak.

After experiencing numerous immersions, the group kept the catering team (Irene & Chris) very busy as hot drinks and other goodies were served to warm up the chilly group.

Thanks to everyone who attended to make it another successful session.

Report by John Fay