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Liverpool Canoe Club Serpents Tail and JJ’s – video from John Allerton

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All, I would just like to say Saturday was one of my best kayak days ever not about counting swims counting numbers of smiles from people.
Excellent day well done to all

How good was that? I eventually met Surf King Karl Tatum, saw a constant determined effort by John Rasquinha and had a cracking time with all. John Allerton provided another quality session and gave good advice on safety, lines, skills,etc. There was plenty ‘in the flow’ rolling practice. After 3.5 hours on the water with tiredness kicking in Steve and Karl battled it out to see who could ‘have the last go’ on the bottom surf wave.

Karl – bravery doing serpents on first day back on a river in years
Gary – nailed it
John – superb
Stuart – yes made it look easy

apologies if I missed anyone, John