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We are reverting to the old membership system where you log in to the website and pay

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Hi All,

In an attempt to streamline the renewal process we have for the last year we have experimented with a recurring subscription method of membership.  While this has been successful for many, a large number of members have had problems during this process.  Consequently we are from today reverting to the old membership system where you log in to the website and pay online each year.   Please note your membership always starts from your renewal date so please feel free to pay before the date of renewal (just click renew account when logged in).  You will never lose any days by paying in advance.

This process will start from today so all those that have recently paid by recurring subscriptions are valid members until their renewal date.  All will have their subscription cancelled over the next few days and will then have to pay manually each year (you should receive a reminder email a week or so before renewal but you can easily check renewal dates by logging in to the account manager – see below)

Many thanks for your continuing membership of the canoe club

Membership team

If you have any problems renewing or upgrading your membership please contact:


Adult £20.00 An individual 18 or over
Family £30.00 Adult and Spouse or partner living together and their children under 18
Junior £10.00 Individual under 18 (Must have parent or guardian present at all times)
Vounteer Nominal fee eg Helping to run the club / on Stewardship group / Active Coach etc.
If you would like to change to a volunteer membership please contact: