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2022 LCC Alpine Holiday to Durance Region in France Day 1 Saturday: Espace Eau Vive de l’Isle de la Serre

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2022 LCC Alpine Holiday to Durance Region in France

We set out with news of major port disruption in Dover. We had hoped that the M20 would settle down after midnight and we could just drive straight onto our waiting Eurotunnel train. Oh well, the best plans! Most of us ended up in a queue on either the M20 or one of the adjoining slip roads. With a 5+ hour delay, we were driving down to our stop off just outside Lyon. Some had now decided to just plough on and get to the campsite. Those that had travelled either before or after the Friday night carnage sailed straight through with no issues on either the Ferry or Eurotunnel.

Stuart T, Roy Mc, Keith S, Sara B, Maria S, Steve G, Noah G, Gabrielle G, Oscar K, Nick C, Steph B, Leanne M. The annual Alps Holiday has been running every year since 2008.

Day 1 Saturday: Espace Eau Vive de l’Isle de la Serre

We had decided to stop en route just outside Lyon at the artificial (but natural-looking) L`Isle de la Serre White Water Centre. This provided excellent camping, showers, a café and a restaurant nearby. It is only a short walk into the local town.

We arrived at 3 pm but still managed 4 runs. It was a great little course with lots of waves and fun features. The water was 26 degrees C so no need for a cag. We dodged the hydro speeders and a few practising slalomists but had plenty of the river. We were pretty tired at the end; the showers were great and there was even a restaurant on the island.,5.4241953,14z

The Whitewater Stadium offers a 600m long river course. It recreates a succession of more or less technical passages: rollers, surf waves surf, smooth waves, eddies and technical breakouts etc.

Its major advantages:

– Its S-shaped layout reduces portages.

– Its water quality is good, located upstream from the great Lyon metropolis.

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