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Ainsdale Paddle by Eamon Hanlon

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“With the continued great spell of weather we’ve been having – blue skies, sun and gentle breezes, three of us decided to try out some recently gained sea kayaking skills and planned our own trip off Ainsdale.

Heavy down pours last week had resulted in sewage outflow off the coast, scuppering plans for a coached session. This week, we had been checking all the weather, tide and swell forecasts we’d been directed to on previous sessions and decided it was now or never to go it alone. 

We met at Ainsdale at 6 and were soon on the ebbing water – well, after we’d trollied our kayaks across the vast expanse of beach (luckily, we’d expected this and had warmed up sufficiently – *cough).

We paddled south towards Formby point, conversations commencing after an initial 15 minute spell of quiet – ‘oh this isn’t flat water’ 

contemplation. We turned around after an hour and headed back northwards towards our ‘get out’ point; the breeze had almost disappeared and we were at slack tide so we just sat there off shore soaking up the views and peaceful conditions before reluctantly heading for shore and the ‘warm down’ trolley return to the car park.

It’s been great progressing from pool to docks to led day trips and now to our own tentatively planned trips. Thanks to Ian and Miles for the planning and company. And many thanks to James G for introducing us to Ainsdale and the skills needed to head out and to all the other leaders and coaches who have volunteered their time and passed on their skills over the previous couple of years. Much still to learn but onwards and outwards😁

Eamon, Ian and Miles”

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A group of people in kayaks in the waterDescription automatically generated with low confidence
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