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Alpine paddling – Middle & Lower Durance, 04/08/2017

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The last day of paddling so we made it a long one at 39km-ish. The shuttle left the camp early (thanks Keith & Mark) and we walked our kayaks over to the Durance to get on just below Les Ecrins Campsite slalom course to set off for Embrun. We paddled as 1 large group led by Helen, playing in the little waves between the camp and St Clement slalom course. We all were a little lethargic on the Middle Durance as we were a tied from 12 days of activity. The waves at St Clement woke us up as we stopped there to play before taking a break for lunch on the beach.

We then continued down the lower river to the Rabioux wave. We all did as Sarah told us and asked Mrs Rab to please let us through. Dom and Hannah were keen to turn their 1:1 swim:no swim into 1:2 – they both did it. Nice one guys you beat Mrs Rab! On we went through the increasingly bouncy rapids to the Embrun wave for the last play of the trip. It was then off to the supermarket for BBQ food to finish off the holiday back at camp. There definitely wasn’t any ‘Guinep juice’ left after a second night of sitting round the BBQ.