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Alpine paddling – Ubaye Racecourse, 03/08/2017

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3 clubs (Liverpool, St Helen’s and Colwyn) joined forces for the day. Forming 2 groups of 7 we set off for our second run of the Ubaye race course. There were a lot less swims this time round even though the water levels were a little lower making the run a slightly more technical. Our group led by Ian and Little Stu would have had a dry run if Dom hadn’t of suddenly become camera-shy and flipped himself over to avoid Keith waiting in an eddy at the bottom of a rapid. Feeling braver this week we were all trying our skills out on the small waves along the way. Once again we had a hello from the raft guide in the pink bikini bottoms on the outside of his wetsuit. We weren’t expecting to see that again.

We stopped for lunch in the sun on the beach after shark fin rapid. Hannah had found a tooth in the shallows of an eddy earlier in the river, but we don’t think it belonged to a shark although it was quite big. In the second half of the river we found a frog hanging about chilling on a rock in the final eddy of a challenging rapid. It didn’t seem to bothered to be joined by a group of kayakers. We finished the day with a final sighting of a pink panted raft guide and set off for camp after Keith managed to manoeuvre his way into a parking place between the nonstop bustle of rafting vans and trailers. Due to a road closure we didn’t make it back to the cafe next to the lake, so the pear sorbet will have to wait for another Alps holiday. I can’t grumble as the creme Brulee ice cream the week before was rather good.