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Anglesey Weekend #3 by Debbie Hughes

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Day 2 Moelfre to Benllech by Debbie Hughes

After Saturday’s trip down the Straits into the wind, a select few were looking for a more laid-back option for Sunday. A start from Moelfre was the less strenuous plan put forward so leaving the campsite at exactly 9.00 we headed off, Keith’s ‘A Team’.

It rained all the way there. It did ease off a bit while we unloaded boats and kit and then moved cars up to the free car park – there was a shortcut back to the beach down the side of a small stream between cottages with pretty gardens and the back of Ann’s Pantry where even that early in the day, folk were sitting outside waiting to be served – in the rain, which had started again.

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We set off out of the bay and turned left, Keith keen to explore that bit of coast before we turned back and set off towards Benllech. The tide was flooding – not so as you would notice that close to shore and completely flat. Passing the lifeboat house and negotiating the anglers on the rocks we worked our way along the coast. We passed one very large recent rock fall and a raven’s nest perched crazily on the tiniest ledge. Keith was looking for a secret beach – Porth Morllwyd, with an old jetty and fishing huts which would be an ideal stopping place for an overnight on a longer trip. Too early for elevenses, we set off for the island off Moelfre, now going with the tide, and porpoises put in a brief appearance on the way.

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Going round the outside of the island Keith spotted a cormorant hanging upside down by its leg all tangled up in fishing line, between two large rocks. Unable to reach it from the sea, he got out of his boat and climbed across the rocks on a mercy mission. Cutting the fishing line off, the cormorant immediately dived and disappeared – one very lucky birdie. By now the tide had turned and judging by the movement past a pot buoy, was going quite fast so we headed back to the mainland and worked our way towards Benllech. Quite impressive cliffs along there.

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We called in at Traeth Bychan but no one was keen on getting out for elevenses there either as the rain was even heavier. As we came out of the bay and looked back, we could see a whole parade of lifeboats in the vicinity of Moelfre – all weather lifeboats and inshore lifeboats, about ten of them – must have been part of their 200 years celebrations.

Another couple of kilometres to Benllech where… the rain stopped and the sun came out! – but I was feeling very cold by now having been soaked all the way so far. Don’t think I’ve had to resort to a dry suit in July before. Lunch on the prom, warmed up at last, and an ice cream – thanks Andy.

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A leisurely paddle back to the start and a little visit to Ann’s Pantry was in order.

Lovely day out despite the rain. I seldom come over this side of the island – really enjoyed exploring the coast here – with great company and a great day despite the rain – thanks Keith.

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