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Anglesey Weekend #3 – Sunday Fire at the Brickworks

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Anglesey Weekend #3 – Sunday Fire at the Brickworks photos by Andrew Broddle

The strong Southerly winds had produced some large waves the previous days – John Allerton had ventured out into the surf at Trearddur Bay on Saturday but had only managed less than an hour. Where are all the surf kayaks and playboaters on these weekends? Rumour has it, they are at home watching videos of waves on YouTube 🙂

John playing the guitar at the BBQ

After the evening’s BBQ, and live music courtesy of John and Andy, both groups decided to head for the North Coast to find some shelter by staying in close to the cliffs. The plan was to venture into the Brickworks for elevenses and then a late lunch at Amlwch for ice creams.

Cameas Bay to Llaneilian Beach via Borth Wen (Brick Works) and Amlwch Harbour

We arrived with Martins help to the East Beach Car Park at Cameas where we were assured there was a rampt to help with easy access to the beach. The car park was at least free (Nobody to collect the £4) but as we were putting on at low water we were faced with a 4 mile carry across the sand! Cars were shuttled – a little faff with keys and unlocked cars but we were soon on the water. Wind and tide behind us, this was going to be easy.

Andy exploring the coast

The groups hugged the coastline as it was blowing a 4-5 and every now and then a strong gust caught us. We rock hopped and ventured into a few caves. There were a few other groups out that we passed on the day but we rounded the Dinus Gynfor point (old disused quarry) and into Porth Wen (AKA the brickworks). Nikki was started by a very large fish which jumped out of the water and nearly landed on her. This was some point of discussion for a while. There was a stong burning smell as we rounded the point and behind the brickworks we could see there had been a large heathland fire. It looked like it had been started from a beach or BBQ fire as the area is notorious for parties and raves agaist the wishes of the locals.

Porth Wen (AKA the brickworks)

We met two other groups from Holyhead (the same groups we had seen on the straits the day before). We explored, chatted and enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the sun before getting on the water again. As we paddled away from the beach we spotted 3 firemen with beaters looking at the burnt patch on the downwind side of the fire, It had ignited again and was producing some large flames. Obviously, the fire had been the night before and they were still maintaining watch, just in case it started up again. As we paddled away they seemed to get the fire under control.

Amlwch Harbour has a slipway and Ice Cream Shop.

We explored the caves on the headland before paddling around into Bull Bay. The strong Southerly winds required us to pick up the pace but we managed and in the shelter of the 5m cliffs soon paddled around the old copper works at Amlwch and into the harbour. We landed on the small beach at the back of the harbour and enjoyed a late lunch. Some ventured up to the loos and Ice Cream shop.

Ian exploring more caves

After about 30 minutes we were back in our boats and heading around the coast. As we approached Point Lynas, there was a group coasteering and jumping in from quite a height. We rounded the headland and onto the welcoming beach at Porth Eilian. The paddle had felt harder than it was, mainly because we had to fight the downdraughts and winds and hug the coast closely, therefore missing much of the tide and but having to paddle against the back eddies.

Porth Eilian and the slipway to the roundabout

Just behind the sheltered beach at Porth Eilian is a small roundabout, which if you are very quick you can load and unload your kayak. There is a large free car park about 500m up the road. Those with trollies were first to their cars and did not have to wait for either the return shuttle or the queue to load.

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Nikki and the Sea Arch with Porth Wen Brickworks behind.