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Anglesey weekend #3 July 2019

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A patch had been coned out for us at Bodfan Farm as people arrived Friday evening. Although we did notice Rabble Canoe Club (AKA Ribble) got the area nearer the loos and water! Anyway the club flag went up as the dark fell. Saturday morning the sea kayakers set off for a day trip ending back in the bay at Rhosneigr. The little boats split into 2 groups. A few went to potter about the Menai Straights checking out Swellies rock, the rock under the cardinal marker, the fish traps round the island with a house and a new rock that emerged near the channel and required an investigation. The other group went over to four mile bridge paddling over to Stanley wave for an evening play. As the BBQ was lit a few more arrived for a Sunday paddle and we were treated to a small firework display after a sunset.

Sunday saw the sea kayakers heading to the Skerries, another group heading out from Rhosneigr and a couple heading home via JJ’s. A few were waiting for Fat Face to open at 10 before starting the days activities. Although the wind was a little more than expected those with bikes also headed out for a morning ride before heading for home after a late lunch back at an empty camp.