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Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Event 2019

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Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Event 2019

This was the ninth year that Liverpool Canoe Club has run the Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race based at Dee Sailing Club in Thurstaston.

With the tide rolling in at a fast rate of knots it was decided to go for an on-the-water start again this year. Precisely at 2pm our event sponsor, Andy Lees blasted the hooter and the flotilla was off. With almost perfect conditions and a later start time it was sure to be a fast race again this year.

Paddlers had been advised to head inshore of the racing dinghy`s at West Kirby and then to head out to the shallows around the Little Eye. The hot weather brought its own problems, paddlers needed to stay hydrated. It was great to see the numerous safety kayakers this year marked with yellow High Visibility Vests. The little eye racers rounded and returned inshore while those heading for Hilbre set off to the outside of Middle Eye and small overfalls on the end of Hilbre.

When all kayaks were heading for home the 2 rescue boats (Ridged Hull Inflatables) practised rescuing paddlers with some of the safety kayakers and then shadowed the paddlers back past West Kirby and on to Thurstaston. The earlier start this year meant plenty of water for the finish. Back at the sailing club we tidied up, showered and enjoyed the BBQ and drinks provided by our hosts Dee Sailing Club. This year Go Kayaking provided a number of demo sea kayaks and items from the shop. Andy Lees, shop manager also presented the prizes for the Hilbre Island Races, the Little Eye Race and West Kirby Races.

Elite Race

1st Racing Ski – Georgie Stoychev (Paddling Jacket from Go Kayaking)

1st Performance Sea Kayak – Dave Brown (Buoyancy Aid from Go Kayaking)

Hilbre Sea Kayak Race

1st Ben Beachell (Tow Line from Go Kayaking)

2nd Roger Colman (Sea Kayak Pump from Go Kayaking)

3rd Chris Wood (Sea Kayak Guidebook from Go Kayaking)

1st Female Helen Marriott (Store Voucher Go Kayaking)

Highest placed LCC member Andy Rowley (Store Voucher Go Kayaking)
1st Double Sea Kayak James Mayers & Martin Tonge

Little Eye Race

1st Mike Garnock-jones (Store voucher from Go Kayaking)

2nd Marty Sinnott (VHF waterproof case from Go Kayaking)

3rd Derek Connolly (Waterproof case from Go Kayaking)

West Kirby Race (Juniors)

1st Aleksander Ford (Phone case Go Kayaking)

2nd Poppy Clews (T shirt Go Kayaking)

3rd Ellie Gavin (YAK Toy Go Kayaking)

4th 3rd Ella Clews (Safety Whistle Toy Go Kayaking)

5th Zachary Alcock (YAK Coasters Go Kayaking)

Georgie Stoychev
1st Racing Ski – Hilbre Race

Hilbre Island Race 2019 Pete Thomas 00017
Dave Brown
1st Performance Sea Kayak – Hilbre Race

Ben Beachell
1st Sea Kayak – Hilbre Race
Hilbre Island Race 2019 Pete Thomas 00006
West Kirby (Junior) Race

Hilbre Sea Kayak Race

Helen Marriott
1st Female Sea Kayak

Little Eye Race
Sunday 7th July 2019
Full list of all results and times….

 Hilbre Race (13km) Little Eye Race (9km)West Kirby Race (4km)
 1st Racing SkiGeorgie Stoychev 1st KayakMike Garnock-jones1st Junior KayakAleksander Ford
 1st Performance RaceDave Brown 2nd KayakMarty Sinnott2nd Junior KayakPoppy Clews
 1st Sea KayakBen Beachell 3rd KayakDerek Connolly3rd Junior KayakEllie Gavin
 2nd Sea KayakRoger Colman4th Junior KayakElla Clews
 3rd Sea KayakChris Wood5th Junior KayakZachary Alcock
 1st Double Sea KayakJames Mayers & Martin Tonge
 1st Female Sea KayakHelen Marriott
 Highest LCC memberAndy Rowley

The competitors were able to use the showers provided by Dee Sailing club and enjoy a cold drink and food from the BBQ while we recovered the rescue craft and the safety kayakers followed the final few finishers in.  Prizes had been kindly donated by Go Kayaking North West and were awarded for the categories above.  All the winners also received a trophy. These were presented to the winners by Fiona Barry (Chair of LCC) and Andy Lees (Manager of Go Kayaking North West).

Many thanks to all that took part and helped to make such a great day.

We hope to see you all again next year,  Sunday 5th July 2020

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Kindly supported by, Go Kayaking NW, System X and Dee Sailing Club

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