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Club Expedition to Alaska “Day 4”

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Club Expedition to Alaska “Day 4”
19th August (Sunday) – Olsen Island Storm Bound

With a storm due in, we were given a day off! So, some of us had a bit of a lie in and a slow start to the day. Tarp (x3) city was erected in the trees in anticipation of the rain!!

Over late breakfast in the city, the group discussed the merits of equipment that had been brought on the trip and the interesting food choices of the group. Main topics included the variety of electronic devices that people had with them, camp chairs, jars/tins and fresh veg! There was even a dual language gold leaf hardback book!

Whilst most were passing the time of day with food sorting, reading, or snoozing, the rain began to fall about lunch time. Nikki became the Chief Acquisition Technician for Collection of H2O (C.A.T.C.H.) This job entailed sourcing the rain water that was falling by using the tarps and strategically placed pans!!

Shortly before the rain had started half of the group (Keith S, Keith P, Roger, Ian, Mark & Andy) decided to stretch their legs and headed off for a ‘short’ walk. This walk turned into a circumnavigation of the island (more details in separate report!!). 5 hours later the intrepid team returned with tales of coasteering, cliffs of no return, crossing of ravines using vine tight ropes, battling through the jungle and triffids!

Each time the epic journey was recounted it became more and more extreme, oh and also a lot longer! And by bedtime the journey time was 12 hours! The only casualty in this extreme epic (other than a lot of wet clothing!!) was the sad loss of the “bear bell” which will be missed by all (especially Keith P).

And finally, the statistic that this was the start of the rain that failed to stop for the next 56 hours!!!

Ruth Edwards    
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