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Club Expedition to Skye 2020 Day 11 (Tuesday) 18th August – Manish Point to Camas na Geadaig (Scalpay)

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Club Expedition to Skye 2020
“Team Alaska go on a Skye #staycation!”

Day 11 (Tuesday) 18th August – Manish Point to Camas na Geadaig (Scalpay)

We launched at 7:30am (Keith was still in his tent!), packing the boats the night before knowing we would be setting off at high water where we’d left the boats tied up. There was a bit of a swell on the water surging up the rocks and making a splash. As we came south level with Portree the wind dropped, and the sea became flat. There was a  fab “Skye line” in front of us as we paddled. There were lots of caves and rock formations to potter around with seals and sea eagles.

We had had 9’s on a beach with a stream to refill our bottles. We paddled on through huge swarms of jellyfish – oddly enough no one fancied doing any rolling practice! Next stop was lunch just round the west side of the Rassay Ferry terminal. We found a perfectly positioned bench with a grassy verge and watched the ferry come and go. Lots of Urchins and fish around the jetty.

The breeze returned as we crossed to Scalpay to camp on a sandy beach with grass backing and 2 streams, one either side of the bay. The gravel on the upper beach had an orangey purple stripe. It was a slightly shorter day – covering 13.5 miles. Vic went out fishing again while Chris estimated that the circumnavigation of Skye would have been about 150miles – so we’d ended up doing a greater distance island hopping.

The strong winds were still on the forecast for Thursday evening. Plan A was still an option, but the mornings forecast would have to be checked to make the final call. We went to bed listening to the bees buzzing about as the heather was out.

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