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“Constrains led approach in coaching” by Matt Giblin Tuesday at 7:30pm

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“Constrains led approach in coaching” by Matt Giblin Tuesday at 7:30pm

If you missed tonight’s excellent talk by Matt you can now watch it on the Club YouTube Link….

If anyone has any follow-up questions or would like to contact Matt Giblin about any coaching needs at Sea Kayak Essentials his email address is His contact details can also be found in the members contact details on the website (available to all current members).

If you liked the zoom chat why not check out our new podcast where we discuss all areas of adventure sports including coaching and leadership 

There is also our Essential Membership programme which is aimed at all paddlesport participants, coaches, leaders and guides. Why not take a look here  

We also have a YouTube page with some useful videos on too. 

Matt Giblin

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