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The use of club equipment and the compound – An update to our Covid-19 Guidance

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The use of club equipment and the compound – An update to our Covid-19 Guidance

The club is now moving to Stage 3, where some paddles at the docks are now promoting the use of club equipment. However, please be aware that some Dock paddles may still require the use of your own equipment – if the coordinator is not a key holder etc.

Stage 1 – Promotion of club led trips on easy water currently with up to 5 others.
Stage 2 – Club led trips allowed to launch from Coburg Dock (but paddlers must use their own equipment as the compound will not be opened).  Parking is available on the top car park if the barrier is not open (£1 per hour)!
Stage 3 – If the named leader of these Coburg Dock trips is also a key holder and is willing, they can allow people in their group access to the compound to collect and sanitise a set of equipment. A full Covid-19 risk assessment will need to be consulted. LCC Covid-19 Risk Assessment
Stage 4 – Allowing more than 6 on site at any one time but this will depend on Government advice for mass gatherings.

The club has agreed the following protocols:

  • The changing sheds should not be used at all.
  • Only one group to use the docks / equipment from the compound at any one time. – timetabling of trips is via the club calendar (contact for advice and to ask for it to be added to the calendar)
  • Members should be encouraged to select the correct equipment without trying multiple sets and it is their own responsibility to ensure any equipment is sanitised.   (Eg wipe down any paddle shafts etc).
  • The club will supply Spray for use on the padlocks and gate handles by a key holder but members borrowing paddles should clean loaned items themselves and remove all cleaning products and waste.
  • Children under 16 will only be allowed on the water with a paddling adult from the household (eg a parent).
  • We will continue the policy of NOT allowing members to hire club equipment for paddles away from the docks.  There simply is not the capacity to allow for this.   The exception would be for key holders, who can use their own key, to collect and return club equipment used solely for them to participate in such club paddles.
  • There is absolutely no expectation that any members of the Stewardship group or keyholders group should run any sessions unless they expressly want to.  If you are still advised to shield then please continue to do so.

In addition to guidance already given it is now suggested that:

  • People can help carry longer kayaks and still main 2 metres but they should be encouraged to always use the same pairs carrying the same ends when getting off the water.
  • Paddlers should not pass anything to others eg a camera etc
  • If you are feeling unwell or are in one of the medium or high risk groups you should continue to shield and stay away from club promoted paddles.

Sheltered Water Leaders and coaches

Guidelines for club Paddles and Trips

Template for google group email advertising a club trip……

If you have an idea for a paddle, would like help or advice to organise it, please email

FAQ – Club promoted trips.

What are the current guidelines:  Social distancing must take place at all times along with frequent hand washing or hand sanitising.  Currently no more than 6 people may meet for exercise at an outdoor venue.

How do I organise a club paddle:  Contact to add the trip to the calendar.   Brief details are then sent around by google group email – Members are then free to reply confirming they would like to take part and give brief details of experience etc if not known to organiser. Coordinator then confirms place (or not) on the trip and time / meeting place etc

What if someone brings a friend without confirming with the organiser meaning the group is now larger than 6 – both will be asked to go home and not paddle with the rest of the group. (absolute maximum of 6 people – including children). Only people booked on should attend and only people from the same household in the same car or boat.

What if I do not have my own equipment – Some dock paddles by now be advertised as allow members to borrow equipment but you CANNOT hire club equipment for trips away from the docks.  The only exception is a key holder who pre-books a kayak for themselves for a club trip and can return it the same day with their key!

Can the trip be A to B with a car shuttle – Social distancing guidelines say no car sharing for members outside a household, so these kinds of trips are unfortunately not possible at the moment.

What if a paddler drops out – this may result in others being turned away and should not happen – only reply to an email about a trip if you are 100% certain you can make the paddle