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Dee Estuary to Flint by Julian Trigg

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Dee Estuary to Flint by Julian Trigg

Back on the sea, cold and sunny, with LCC

It was good to get back on the sea – and good to meet up with LCC members I hadn’t met before (or for some time).

I’ve mapped our track on several maps and it’s interesting to compare especially the satellite imagery of the sandbanks. Obviously, they change over time and the different platforms show subtle differences.

Map with GPS track (click on icons)

The general-purpose Navionics Chart Viewer is here:

  • Toggle between Navionics and Sonar map views (bottom left hand corner icon)
  • Measure distances with the calliper icon in the bottom right-hand corner
  • Other features I haven’t tried on the Menu

Setting off from the Dee Sailing club and heading upstream to the far shore towards the TSS Duke of Lancashire.

Approaching the inlet at Flint

Time for a break

Heading around the corner to see the castle remains

It was a hard paddle back against the wind, not gaining much help from the outgoing tide and then we ran aground on a sandbank. It was a long way back but after a few hundred metres we were back in the water

Finishing on the slipway

More Photos……