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First Polo Session after Lockdown by Josie Moss

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First Polo Session after Lockdown by Josie Moss

The first Polo session post lock down was done in the company of Dean, Craig, Aleksander, Josh and Josie on a rather grey looking Wednesday evening. After a quick catch up on dry land it was straight into our own boats and round to the polo pitches.

Due to social distancing measures each player had their own ball and no contact was allowed and passing of the balls was only allowed within household groups.

During a fun hour and half of polo a wide range of different dribbling and shooting drills were done, where we only managed to lose one ball over the dock wall. A number of fitness drills managed to knacker everyone so it was time to head back to compound.

It was amazing to see people again and I can’t wait for the next session.

Many thanks Josie