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For Sale Thule Aerobars £50

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(pre curser to the newer wingbars) plus feet and adapter kit for Ford Mondeo  2007 -2014 and Ford Focus 2011 onwards and probably a few other cars as well. Check to find out.   Now Sold

The feet and adapters are for use on cars with no roof rails and the include the locking keys.

The bars are a few years old and subsequently have plenty of superficial marks on them but have plenty of life in them yet. I have replaced the tracks with brand new rubber inserts.

These specs for the feet and adapters are listed below with the prices on I can’t find the code for the aerobar as they don’t sell them any more but the equivalent wing bar sells at £80.

Cost about £190 new, looking for £50.

Cheers  Chris
chris5x AT
07881 844 311

Core components:
Foot Pack:Thule Rapid System gutterless feet (4) no. 754£79.15[X]
Adapter Kit:Thule Rapid System adapter kit no. 1449£34.95[X]