The Hull International Canoe Polo Tournament is held at Dacre Lakeside Park, NewRoad, Brandesburton, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 8RT.  This site is ideal as camping is right next to the lake and the four polo pitches there.  All the facilities are on site and the sun even came out on both days.

A good day for our div 4 team today – played 4, won 4. Loads of goals from our juniors with some really good build up play. It was clear that our juniors developed in game experience and confidence as the day progressed.

Penrith B gave us a tough game in the morning but our speed up front let to 3 break away goals.  Sheffield University proved a good match for our younger players but they eventually defeated them easily scoring many goals in the process. Played 6 and won 6 gave us a place in the final. Manvers were a strong team that had also won all their games.  Most of their players were senior and played in higher divisions but we still gave them a good game narrowly loosing 2 goals to one.

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