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French Alps 2019 paddling trip – Day 9c The Middle Durance by Jake Toulson

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French Alps 2019 paddling trip

Day 9c The Middle Durance by Jake Toulson

So the Toulson brigade arrived yesterday with a little warm up session in the lake Kurt playing assistant coach to Jake, and got him warmed up for today’s paddle on the river Durance.

Setting off around 10am with beautiful blue skies we headed down river after Jake eventually got his Cag on. Head coach dad (stu) taught Jake how to break in and out followed by some ferry gliding we got off to a good start. That practise had to soon come into action as Jake was stuck onto wrong side of the river with a huge tree coming his way. He did the best he could to avoid missing the trunk and luckily only hit a few leaves! Leaving Jakes and dads arses both nipping. Some beautiful scenery was observed along the way. As we floated down we spotted an eagle and a white water duck who was showing off his skills on the rapids.

After about an hour we stopped for a break got out our kayaks Kurt thought he’d let some water out of his kayak losing his draining bung downstream; never to be see again. Dad (Stu) was ready to improvise with a stick and a bit of tape which saved the day!

We headed back onto the water for the second half of our journey passing a group of French kayakers to which one shouted ALREET! (Geordie slang for hello) to which Jake replied with ALREET MATE! after further discussion with the group it turns out he wasn’t a Geordie at all he was simply saying salut! Which was a bit embarrassing for Jake but he blames the noise of the river for the mistake.

We then had a steady paddle/float down to the river eventually getting to the slalom course where we were instructed by dad to follow his lead which this time happened and with some unorthodox low braces Jake managed to get to other side without capsizing or swimming on day 1; something that was haunting him all the way here.

We then got out all had a beer and a steak panini in the sun and reflected on what a great first day paddling in France!

Aaaannnnd Relax !!

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