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Improvers WW Trip on the River Dee by Chris Marsden

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Improvers WW Trip on the River Dee by Chris Marsden

I’d advertised earlier in the week that I was offering a beginners or improvers trip on the Dee this Sunday. I was surprised that there was no take-up from white-water beginners for the trip. I hadn’t realised it clashed with the Hilbre island race. Must check calendar next time.
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I had interest from improvers, rusty and more advanced paddlers so I changed the level of the trip.

I was joined by Steve and Ian. Both experienced paddlers, Rob a returning paddler and Dave a very capable improver. We met up at Horseshoe falls and after a warm-up above, headed off down the river.

Most of us took the slide to the side of the weir which was a little rocky but had plenty of water to get us over. On the way down we practised making eddies and ferrying.  We got to “tailie school” where I and Steve practised our tailies, some attempts more successful than others.

See the source image We then headed down to Chain Bridge where everyone got down successfully.  I normally like to use this area for practice but it was really busy so we decided to head down to Serpents Tail.  We got out above and had a look. It was at a great level. Corwen gauge 0.5m and 0.25m at the Mill gauge.

Most of us decided to run it and Dave ran it for his first time and did a great job, twice in fact. We ran down to the centre and as Steve need to get away went straight to the bottom wave for a surfing session.  As Steve hadn’t been on the river he was making the most of the wave and showing us his flat spinning skills.

A great time was had by all, and I really enjoyed paddling with the group.