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Junior Club Trip to Chester Weir from Sandy Lane by John Cooke

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Good little trip out with the juniors to Chester weir, everyone seemed to enjoy the experience and well done to all the juniors for attempting the fish ladders. Think the youngest on the trip was 7/8 yrs old.
Hopefully we can organise a few more trips in the not to distant future.
We started at Sandy Lane and paddled down to the weir looking at all the expensive houses on the waterfront.  Watch out for theRhino`s!  There were a lot of rowing boats on the river so we kept over the the bank to give them room as they raced up and down.  At the weir we slid over the weir lip and down the steps (fish ladders) aiming for the middle slot each time.
At the bottom we practised breaking in and out and crossing the flow.  Some of us fell in but were quickly sorted by the helpers.  
Once we had paddled for a while we were able to walk up the middle of the weir where there was less water and go around again.   Some of us paddled the weir 4 times.
We later returned to the car park at Sandy lane.   (Warning – 4hrs limit with parking only between the white lines as a camera car does come around to enforce parking fines)
Maddy paddling the weir
Some of the paddlers at the tail of the weir
Miguel paddling over Chester Weir
Clara at Chester Weir