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Junior Club Weekend 1st-3rd July based at Anglesey Outdoors by Mandy Smith

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Porth Dafarch Beach – Surfing.

Junior Club Weekend 1st-3rd July based at Anglesey Outdoors by Mandy Smith
Anglesey Outdoors

We attended the Junior Kayaking Weekend on Friday 1st July 2022.

This was our first time away with Liverpool Canoe Club, so we were not too sure what to expect.

The activities were planned with precision, including all of the health and safety aspects which were clearly explained. So much was packed into the weekend that our 10-year-old son said in his words ‘it felt like a proper summer holiday.

Friday night – We arrived at the Anglesey Camping Site on Friday night, and the staff had all gone home. However, we were able to contact them with no issues in order to find out where we were to pitch our tent. All of the group were incredibly kind and helped us to settle in, we then went to the pub and enjoyed playing a few games and the children all got on really well.

We all arrived and set up camp and settled in. The campsite had emailed pitch numbers for us all. Some families had upgraded to a Yurt, Pod, Bunk Room or Chalet! Most of the children explored the grounds whilst parents secured tents for the increasing wind. Fortunately, we all survived the night.

4 Mile bridgeSaturday

Saturday morning, we went to the large field for a briefing on the plans for the day. We were all so excited and couldn’t wait to get to ‘4 Mile Bridge’ to get our kayaks into the water. All of the group was provided with helmets and kayaks etc for the weekend. We all helped each other to get the kayaks off the cars.

Everyone got involved to ensure this activity was enjoyed by all. The children all had great fun taking their kayaks to one side of the bridge to then paddle into the current and out of the other side. The leaders were all waiting to guide them back, and not to go too far out pushed by the current. Adults and children also had a go at swimming through the current which was great fun.

4 Mile bridge

We had to wait for the tide, so it was a leisurely departure after breakfast. We headed for the small village of 4 Mile Bridge, which was exactly 4 miles away from our campsite near Holyhead. Parking was relatively easy on the side of the road, and we had the boats unloaded quickly. The tide was beginning to come in and a small flow could be seen under the bridge. A few brave juniors swam or paddled through. After an hour the current had increased and there was a lot of white water. We were now getting confident and paddling into the flow. Some carried around again and paddled through the tunnel numerous times.

After a couple of hours, some got out to have lunch in the sunshine. Others waited for the tide to rise a little higher before making the jump from the top of the bridge into the moving water below. By now it was the middle of the afternoon, and the flow began to slow. It would soon be time to put the kayaks back on the roof of the cars and head over to Trearddur Bay.

Saturday afternoon

We then all went to Trearddur Bay, we arrived there late and so met up with a few parents and paddled in the bay. We arrived back at the campsite late afternoon and then had a go at flying kites, by this point us adults were exhausted, but the kids were all ready and waiting for the next activity.

Surfing at Trearddur Bay

Surfing at Trearddur Bay

We all found somewhere to park and met up on the beach. Some just wanted to go for ice cream, others play in the sand. 7 people did take the boats off the cars and carry them onto the beach. We paddled around the bay and islands. Three even explored around the corner to Porth Diana to see the waves and boats sheltered there.

Kite flying on the campsite.

We all met up back at the campsite and as promised before the BBQ we flew various kites on the field. It was tricky with the wind coming over the top of the hill but various designs took to the sky. We untangled the strings from several crashes but most survived to get airborne again.

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Saturday evening

We all re-grouped and spent a lovely sunny evening having a BBQ, we were all spoilt with sharing various foods, cakes, not to mention the toasted marshmallows!

BBQ Marsh Mellows to toast.BBQ Marsh Mellows to toast.

We all then went on a mystery tour at 10.30pm with our torches, this was such a brilliant way to end a jam-packed day. Yet again all of the safety aspects were taken into consideration, with leaders at the front, middle and back of the group. We walked along the coast just before we arrived back at the campsite, we then had a briefing about the plans for the Sunday.

Mystery walk from the campsite.

Mystery walk from the campsiteWe were all told to have torches ready for the night walk which started at 10:30pm We headed out in a big group down to the cliffs and beach where some people were still having beach BBQs and chatting watching the waves. We followed each other along the coastal footpath when some found glowing bugs in the long grass – these were glow worms. After climbing up and down we came across a large house on the cliff top looking out to sea. We eventually found our way back to the campsite and were extra quiet on our return and all headed straight to bed after we had cleaned our teeth.

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Porth Dafarch Beach – Surfing.

We went to Porth Darfarch Beach, the children all loved the beach. Most went in the kayaks and surfed the small waves back to shore. Most loved the feeling of being propelled along by the power of the sea. Those that did not surf played on the sand and in the sheltered warm water of the bay.

Porth Dafarch Beach – Surfing.

Coasteering – exploring the cliffs and caves. 

After a couple of hours kayaking the children then were able to take part in coasteering. This proved exciting in the large swell but we managed to swim and climb to several small islands, into a cave and then jump in and swim back to the beach through a narrow gap. Some families stayed on the beach while others returned to the campsite to pack up and return home.

Coasteering – exploring the cliffs and caves.