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Junior Club Weekend on Anglesey by Amy N

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Saturday morning

After a beautiful sunny week, the weather turned on Friday and it started to rain as we drove to Anglesey. Luckily it was dry when we arrived and were able to get our tents set up and chat about our plans for the following morning. As we went to sleep, it started to rain, and the downpour seemed to continue all night, but in the morning it was once again dry for us.

We made our way to Four Mile Bridge. All the paddlers got on the water and the intrepid in the group went under the bridge, one at a time. The swell was really strong and pushed you out into the fast current on the other side. We were able to play in the current, trying out some ferry gliding. Maddie and Marcus had great fun using the paddle board, paddling up towards the bridge.

Marcus and Maddy on the SUP

The children quickly found a bucket to collect crabs in, playing in the shallow waters. Then some of us carried our boats back over the road to go under the bridge again, while others decided to swim through. It was easier said than done to keep your head above the water! The children supported each other, going in pairs or as a team if one of them was unsure about it. We paddled over to the opposite bank to check out the beach on the other side.

A “hugemoungus” Crab

Before we left, the bravest of the group lined up on the pavement of Four Mile Bridge, to take it in turns to jump into the deep water. I was very impressed by them, as they stood up on the wall of the bridge before taking the plunge!

We had an amazing morning, brilliant company and good conversations, with all the children getting on as if they had all known each other for ever. Before we left, the crabs were released back into the water and we all headed off for lunch.

Marcus paddles through the Bridge
Marus and Vicky on the SUP
Jack, Marcus and Clara hunt for Crabs
Maddy jumping off Four Mile Bridge