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Junior Club Winter Pool Sessions by Amy Newnham

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Junior Club Winter Pool Sessions

By Amy Newnham

We have had a really successful winter season of junior sessions at Dixons Broadgreen School swimming pool. The juniors have had loads of fun developing their kayaking skills and their confidence, both in boats and in the water.

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We have played lots of games in kayaks, including tag, ball tag and stuck in the mud, bull-boat, Simon says and catch the tail. There have also been plenty of relay races. The juniors have also had fun developing their catching and throwing skills while in a kayak.

We have been lucky to have lots of helpers who have worked with small groups of children developing their kayaking skills. We have been practising forwards and backwards paddling, bracing and sweep strokes. Also safe capsizing, capsizing using a spray deck and hip flicks, T rescues and even a roll (well done Tom)! We’ve had lots of fun sinking boats, climbing over boats and being turned over and over like a washing machine.

Most sessions have been fully booked with juniors from 8 to 15 years of age. Thank you to all the juniors for your unending enthusiasm, energy and excitement. You have all been awesome! Thanks also to all the volunteer helpers for all your hard work every week, including Rich, Peter, Steve, Laura, Terry, John and Dave Reynolds. And thanks also to the parents for all your support, particularly at the start and end of each session.

We only have a couple of pool sessions left, before we are back in the docks in May. We are really looking forward to getting outside and being able to paddle further. We hope to see lots of juniors then. If you and your child/children are interested and have never been to a junior docks session, please come along! Bookings will be on BookWhen nearer the time.

Juniors’ views

“My favourite thing that I have done was when I achieved capsizing with a spray deck and when I did 70 washing machine rolls in a row.”

“It’s great, active and fun games!”

“I’ve enjoyed being able to practise skills more freely and not in salt water.”

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