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Kayak Safety Cover at the Coniston Epic Event by Jim Duffy

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The Epic Events Swim took place on Sunday 15th August in perfect swimming conditions. The Cumbrian Swim Safety water safety team of kayakers, lifeguards and RIB crews for the enthusiastic swimmers who took part in this superb event.

Three members of Liverpool Canoe Club were part of the water safety team.

The weather was brilliant with air temperature reaching 28 Celsius. Most swimmers had a tow float which improved their visibility and is becoming an increasingly popular safety feature of these cold water swims. Temperatures rose from 25 Celsius at the start and reached 28 Celsius by the time the last swimmers reached the finish to rapturous applause from friends, families and spectators. The water temperature was 22 Celsius and so wetsuits were optional although most swimmers preferred wetsuits.

Many of the swimmers were sponsored and raised money for a range of charities including Cancer Research UK and Oxfam.

Congratulations to all the competitors for providing such an inspiring sporting event in perfect swimming conditions.

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