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LCC Pembroke weekend – Chilled Sunday paddling by Frankie Annan

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LCC Pembroke weekend – Chilled Sunday paddling by Frankie Annan

Sunday dawned misty, wet and frankly chilly, with a wind forecast that meant sheltered paddling was the order of the day. Andy G had the perfect plan for a trip up the Estuary from Pembroke Dock. After Keith had told Ian that he wasn’t having a leisurely breakfast and going surfing, 5 LCC paddlers set off for a day on the water. Estuary – so obviously there would be mud, hopefully not smelly mud, but mud for sure.

Getting on the water in the mist

After a short drive we arrived a car park near the marina in Neyland. Keith quickly identified there was a road down to the slipway – no boat carrying for Keith. The rest of us parked up and unloaded and headed down to join him. After some consultation of the map, we set off into the misty murky weather, heading under the road bridge and up the mud less estuary. Yes, no mud on launching our boats.

We had both wind and tidal assistance and enjoyed an exploration of the shoreline which seemed much more like anywhere than Pembroke dock. As we paddled along ever so gradually the mist cleared, revealing several grand design style houses and a white castle, as we all paddled, chilled and chatted. Apparently there are otters – we didn’t see any.

Elevenses/lunch happened at Black tar – great lunch stop with picnic tables and toilets. As the tide had turned by the time we had eaten we meandered back alongside the opposite bank – with the tide against the wind, but we had enough tidal assistance that it was never a slog.

What a difference sunshine makes

Approaching the get out a pub was spotted and a plan hatched for a post paddle drink in the sunshine, that turned into Welsh lamb roast dinner for more than one of the party.

A perfect day out on the water – one to revisit and remember for future trips – great windy day venue with lots of options (Kathy Morton – you can say I told you so!)

Paddlers; Frankie A, Keith S, Ian B, Andy G, Anthony V