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Pembroke Weekend, 25-27 May 2019

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Late on Friday vans started to arrive and tents were pitched at Newgale campsite. The sun was shining and there was the sound of surf on the other side of the gravel barrier. A paddling plan was made as the sun set. A sea mist came in as we went to bed. Saturday morning saw some early arrivals. The sea kayakers headed to Port Clais to circumnavigate Ramsey Island. Another team of sea kayakers went along the coast for a few hours from Newgale towards Solva, weaving around rocks and arches. The little boats played in the clean surf. That evening everyone sat around the BBQ as the wind slowly started to increase and the sea mist returned.

The rain came in Saturday night but was starting to clear as we got up on Sunday. A few went to catch the boat to Skoma to see the Puffins, the sea kayakers went for a paddle in the estuary near Neyland and the little boats went for ice cream in St David’s. The sea paddlers went with the tide and wind up estuary to enjoy some lovely views in the shelter of inland waters. As the tide turned the wind dropped and they returned to a perfectly positioned pub for a late lunch in the sun. As the clouds lifted the water was also dropping of the barrier at Newgale and the short boats went in. The surf was bigger with more white water to compete against to get out back. That evening the wind turned a little to the north so people headed off to the warmth of their camp beds after sitting round the BBQ for a few hours.

On Monday morning a few headed home early, the little boats went back in the waves and the sea paddlers went back to sheltered estuary. It was still quite windy, but the sun was out so most people made the most of the sun, sea and surf before heading for home.