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LCC Virtual Canoe Club gathering on Zoom – Sunday 19th April at 10:30am

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Hi All,

Next Sunday we intend to have a Virtual Canoe Club gathering on Zoom an hopefully this will allow members to keep in touch as currently the guidance means the club has cancelled all upcoming physical events until further notice.

You do not need a zoom account to join the gathering but it is easy to create one if you want.

You can join via a browser, download the software for PC or App on your phone.  You will need a webcam and microphone.

Please use the Meeting ID sent to all members via googlegroup email next Sunday at 10:30 to join in or email Nadia for a personal invite.

P.S buoyancy aid or similar canoeing kit is suggested for this gathering. We want to try to bring a bit fun to are lives at this strange time. If you want to be in a kayak or canoe people are welcome to do that.

Kind regards Nadya Ford