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Paddling with a few friends on Anglesey by Vic Leather

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Paddling with a few friends on Anglesey by Vic Leather

Day 1 – Mermaid pub to old Menai bridge.

We had all travelled to Anglesey in our own cars and had observed impeccable social distancing at all times. This often felt over the top compared to many others we observed but ultimately was proved the correct thing to do as BoJo announced further restrictions a week later.

We descended down in the cars onto the south bank of the Straits to the get in at the Mermaid Pub, the sun was up but there was not too much wind. Ideal conditions for a paddle. We set off, crossing over to the far shore. The wind started to pick up but not too much … the tide was still dropping but usefully had turned in the straits and we would use it to carry us up towards Menai Bridge.

We paddled up past Port Dinorwic and pulled in for lunch. We had our butties on the beach by church island all with our own rocks 4-5 metres away from each other.

After lunch we paddled through the ‘Swellies’ which were thankfully flat (no whirlpools this time !!)  then on through the old Menai Bridg. (No ferry gliding /swimming this week!) portaging at the ramp by Menai Bridge. Then back to Anglesey outdoors an early night in our individual rooms.

Day 2 – Porth Dafarch to North Stack and back.

Launching from Porth Dafarch with the sun high up in the sky we paddled around the headland rock hopping are way towards South Stack taking in some amazing sea caves and one huge wave eroded crack. We all ventured in about 100 metres. Then only to realise we couldn’t turn around inside as it was a kayaks width in places (good opportunity for some reversing skills practice).

Passing South Stack, we pulled into a sea cave for lunch but upset the local residents – 3 Big seals had been using the cave and now were bobbing up and down in the bay watching us munch away.

On the way back leisurely rock hoping our way we pulled in again for 2nd lunch break on a tranquil beach complete with waterfall as the sun beamed down.

As we approached Porth Dafarch Roger Colman and I practised a short line tow .. a self rescue later .. and laughter all round .. We were landing back on the Beach to end another fantastic weekend trip.

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Vic Leather