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Liverpool Canoe Club Gazebo

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Liverpool Canoe Club Gazebo

It made its first appearance during the Alps 2019 trip as discovered by Chris Murphy (and snapped on his FB page) when he popped by to say “Hello” to a campsite devoid of LCC paddlers. We were all out either paddling or sightseeing. 

Now back in the UK it has had it’s 4 walls attached, 1 being a roll up door and 2 for windows.  Donated by a member the gazebo is for LCC club members to use in workshops or any other events at the Marina, club trips (Anglesey would be great, but it won’t fit in a sea kayak), polo tournaments and anything else we do.  It’s professional grade weighing a whopping 38kgs and can be free standing (comes with water filled weights) or on grass surfaces it can be tent pegged down.

Contact Craig Ford if you want to use it for future events.