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Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 05 “The Famous Five go to Smiley Face Island”

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Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 05 – Trollfiorden to Finoya Island (smiley face face island) (13th August) by Julian “The Famous Five go to Smiley Face Island”

After having had a good night’s sleep, and more importantly as far as Dick was concerned, a hearty breakfast, we were ready to continue our wonderful adventure.

Anne made sure we were all aware of the need to leave the campsite in shipshape condition. (Julian thought – take only memories, leave only footprints – Yes, thank you Anne, we know, but he was old enough and wise enough not to say anything!)

The next part of our journey involved some rather tricky tidal planning. This was jolly exciting as it was really important to get to the Valvagen Canal while there was enough water to ensure we could all paddle through. If we failed to break camp and be on the water at the appointed time, or we had a mishap on route, or Timmy and Anne got the timing wrong we could be stuck for some time at the entrance of the canal. If this happened there was little doubt that while we waited Anne would want to make a new camp and Dick would start eating his lunch.

Fortunately, we were on the water at the right time. (George had eaten some of her irregular shaped food items and consequently packed a little quicker.) We had no mishaps as we paddled passed the islands of Ulvoya (yesterday’s second breakfast stop) and Brakoya on glorious, balmy seas in splendid weather. Timmy and Anne were spot on with the tidal planning. (Julian had confidently expected them to be but would not admit that to them.) The canal is only short but made out of enormous, (really big) boulders placed on top each other and was somewhat impressive. Having successfully negotiated the canal we did indeed stop, and Dick did indeed eat his Lunch.

Now came the really serious part of the days paddle and it was all George’s fault! Some years earlier when George was young and didn’t know Timmy she had stayed on an island, much like the one she owns, (Kirrin Island). George really, really wanted to return. It was called Finoya Island, but George had drawn a smiley face on her map, so we called it ‘Smiley Face Island’. It was out in the sea and just one of a lot of small islands. We knew it had no fresh water but had plenty left in our kayaks even if storm bound for a day or two. But could we find it?

Once we had embarked on this heroic paddle and were committed to the task, George discovered that she could not identify the Island! Apparently, to George, all Islands look the same from the sea! It was only due to some terrifically good navigation by Timmy and Anne that we did succeed in our quest and reunite George with ‘Smiley Face Island’.

And what a splendid island it was. We soon had camp made, clothes and equipment drying and the kettle on. This was going to be such fun. A whole island for us to explore for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Even Dick left his cooking pot to circumnavigate the island on foot, it was that good.

Just before bedtime the sky turned pink and what was a jolly spiffing view across the sea to the mountains became even jollier and more spiffing. At that moment, thanks to the pink sky and a quantity of our special ginger beer, it was the most beautiful place in the whole wide world.

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