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Liverpool Canoe Club Junior Club Trip – Bridgewater Canal

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Liverpool Canoe Club Junior Club Trip – Bridgewater Canal

On Sunday the 28th of January 2024, the Junior club kayaked the Bridgewater Canal. We were due to paddle the river Weaver but there was a rowing event which made it too busy, so we decided to go to the canal instead.

There was 14 of us 7 adults and 7 juniors. We put on the canal in Runcorn near the old bridge and paddled towards the new bridge.

The weather was cold, but the sun still shined it wasn’t as large as the docks and the water wasn’t rapid or choppy. There was a small number of Herons and a large number of Coots that liked flapping their wings and rushing across the canal when we startled them or got too close.

We paddled around 6 km, 3km out and 3km back.

We had a great time 😊

Lola McHale aged 9.

It was fun to paddle somewhere new with no obstacles which helped him get used to his new boat. Great company on the paddle too which made it even better.


I really enjoyed the length of the paddle because it gave me lots of time to chat to my friends. When we turned round we saw a heron which was sitting on the bank. It was amazing, we don’t normally see herons at the docks.