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Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 07 “The Famous Five and the tepee”

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Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 07 – Sandvika beach to waterfall campsite at back of Austpollen (15th August) by Timmy “The Famous Five and the tepee”

The night had been awfully wet and windy but the five had been snug in their tents on the sheltered beach. The group had improvised a jolly good shelter using Timmys Tarp, a paddle and a few carefully placed boulders. Dick was eating porrige as the others emerged. George was very happy as we could have a more leisurely start today. They decided to have an early elevenses and then decide on where to go for the day.

Although Timmy was a little worried at the prospect of venturing so near to Anne`s suggested “short portage across the island”, the five decided to explore Austpollen Fjord. There was even the prospect of possible camping in a bay near the top.

The group successfully navigated past Følstad klubben and the sound of running water had Anne querying the amount of water we all had left. We decided to top up anyway as it may be difficult to find in “waterfall cove”!

Just then Timmy noticed that Anne`s rear hatch had not be secured properly and barked “woof, woof”
“Thank you very much Timmy” said Anne, that could have been really serious.
Timmy then retrieved the missing hatch cover and replaced it securely on Anne’s boat.

The five continued paddling north along the steep sided Fjord. Last night’s heavy rain left the mountain tops shrouded in a vail of thick cloud.
“How very atmospheric” said Julian.
Every valley or cirque now had a major stream pouring down the hillside. The group investigated several old landing stages and headlands looking for that idyllic campsite. Upon rounding the corner, we ventured into Austpollen. Five major waterfalls roared down from above at the head of the Fjord.

“Look over there” said Dick, “a Tepee“.
“Gosh” exclaimed George. “We will have to set up guard in case we are marauded!”
“Maybe they are friendly” said Anne.

The five set about putting a little distance between the Tepee tribe and their waterfall camp.

The camp was soon made, tents erected, stove on and boats stored. The five were now very well-rehearsed at setting up camp.
“All this wonderful scenery is making me a little giddy” said Dick.
“I am just thrilled to be in such a splendid location” uttered Anne.
“It’s absolutely wizzard being able to go off on camping holidayall by ourselves” said George.

After the relatively short day the group set about relaxing, trying to dry some of their things and drinking the remainder of the ginger beer.
It turned out in the end that there was nobody living in the tepee after all. 😊

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