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The Three Amigos go Open Boating at Llangollen

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The Three Amigos go Open Boating at Llangollen

There have been lots of club sea and river trips. With the recent intro to opens course being such a success, we felt it was time to get more club open boat trips. That was the plan, so Mike issued the call to all open paddlers and Ian Bell duly responded (there were others who wanted to come but were kept away by prior commitments).

The weather was mixed, but that didn’t stop us. We arrived at Llangollen, sorted out kit and decided that we were going to have a good skills day.

On the water, a quick warm up and then we headed up stream. In kayaks that normally means carrying the boat up the field. But in canoes we started with a quick wade up the first rapid. We then poled up the next rapid (Top tip – helmets and shin pads are good idea!)

At the next rapid, we used the painters to track boats up the drop. Most used painters, however Mike had removed his painter, forgotten to bring a sling, and so had to use his 15m swim line. It worked, but he then had to faff and re pack it. Did we wait for him? Err………………!


Up at the railway bridge rapid, the sun shone and we had a great time surfing and crossing. It looks really smooth in an open boat – half the paddle, twice the paddlers!



Ready for lunch, we turned and headed back to the centre – it took us rather less time and effort to get back.

Fuelled and raring to go, we ran tombstones. After that we thought about playing in the middle stopper – however it didn’t look nice, so we just had a chat with the designer of the new Venture Canoes Afon.

Then down to bottom wave where we cut it up with all the playboaters. Obviously, they couldn’t cope with the fantastic display of surfing 15 ft opens, so they left. More funtime for us!


Feeling tired, it was time to go home. Ian (death before portage) Bell tracked his boat (pulled it with ropes) up the rapid and we headed for the car park.

A fabulous day! Looking forwards to seeing more open boaters out on the river.

Ruth, Ian & Mike

Ruth Edwards