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Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019 Day 10 “The Famous Five take a day off”

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Lofoten Islands Expedition 2019
The Famous Five visit Lofoten” by Enid Blyton

Day 10 – Last day in Kabelvag (18th August) by Julian “The Famous Five take a day off”

How snug and warm we had all been in proper beds in our cabin and although a little sad our Lofoten kayaking adventure really was over, it was another day and the chance for another adventure. But wait, it appears George, always the tomboy, had not slept in a bed at all. She had spent the night sleeping on the floor in the lounge. She really is as tough as old boots!

It was decided we should hike out of Base Camp and find some proper entertainment in the nearby town of Kabelvag. Ann had been there once before and warned us there was little excitement to be found and explained, politely, as always, that she would stay in base camp to meet up later with the friends we had met at the start of our journey, “Jo the gypsy girl” and young “Tinker Hayling”.

Once Dick had quickly demolished some cold pizza found at the back of the fridge, he, Timmy, Julian and George set of at a blistering pace eager to see the delights of Kabelvag. On the way Dick borrowed a little green scooter and ‘scooted’ up and down the road before returning it and running to catch us up.

As for Kabelvag, for once it seems that Ann, who can be known to exaggerate, had not done so on this occasion. There was little excitement to be had and being a Sunday most of what little there was appeared shut. Undeterred however our intrepid quartet did find a pub on stilts, which clearly showed we were deep within the Article Circle (N68” 13’ S14” 30’) and a library in a telephone box. Julian was most displeased on discovering there was not one Enid Blyton book to be had but Timmy placated him by suggesting that they were so popular they were probably all out on loan.

George then found some hula-hoop’s and encouraged by Timmy whirled them around her body right there in the street! For once sensible Julian decided not to be sensible and also had a go. It transpires that he is as rubbish at hula-hoops as he is at doing up a dry suit neck!

Dick suggested that we all make our way to the local museum where we could seek both education and culture. (And a cafe.) This was slightly off the return to Base Camp route, but it was a pleasant day and nice to walk through Norwegian streets and look at the houses.

Once at the museum, Timmy, who had been far better behaved on our Lofoten kayaking adventure than was expected, sadly let himself down. He went scampering off exploring leaving Julian, Dick and George sick with worry about where he was and what mischief he was up too. Eventually Timmy came back and although George spoke harshly to him, he seemed not in the least bit concerned. Any tension was broken by Dick suggesting lunch.

We had some difficulty in obtaining food but we did eventually find a very nice restaurant on the Fiord where George enjoyed Norwegian bread pudding, Timmy had an excellent and for once good value salad and Dick a very ‘scrummy’ waffle which he actually made all by his self – with a little help. Julian drank some water with a slice of lemon.

It was then back to Base Camp, with another little ‘scoot’ on route by Dick. We had to be quick as Timmy had smelt rain in the air. Sure enough no sooner had we got to Base Camp than a very nasty, heavy rainfall began. You don’t need a ‘Bracknell Weather Centre’ when you have a Timmy. Clever Boy.

That evening the Famous Five went out for a meal. Unfortunately, they are not so famous in Norway and having been shown to their table they were made to wait before ordering as another group, who came in later, were served first! Never mind, this allowed for some jolly good ginger beer time. Just before leaving we had the pleasure of “Jo the gypsy girl” and young “Tinker Hayling” joining us meaning yet more lashings of ginger beer. What a charming way to end another good day in Northern Norway.

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